Code Snippet

Code Snippet

A member or a part of the company or business known as team. Who is the most valuable assists to any company towards the success. To show gratitude or Describe Individual Role we all want to have a TEAM sections which is a must. Elements Ready Elementor Addon has an expanded option panel where any one can describe their role, expertise, details and social links in one word a small CV /Resume. Color, Size, Icon /Images, Social and Typography gives you the options to Describe yourself more accurately. We have preset in this Elements Ready Elementor Widgets to make things easier for you.

Style 1 Pro

Css Code Snippet

body {
  font-family: "Heebo", sans-serif;
  font-weight: 300;
  font-size: 15px;
  color: #515A60;
  line-height: 24px; }

rgin: 0 0 15px; }                
Style 2 Pro

Html Code Snippet

<!--====== POST PART START ======-->

    <div class="post-area">
        <div class="container">
            <div class="row post-slider">
                <div class="col-lg-4">
                    <div class="single__post">
                        <div class="post-thumb">
                            <img src="assets/images/post-2.jpg" alt="post">
                        <div class="post-content">
                            <h4 class="title"><a href="#">U.S. Response subash says he will label regions by risk of…</a></h4>
                            <p>People have been infected in United…</p>

    <!--====== POST PART ENDS ======-->                
Style 3 Pro

Javascript Code Snippet

const rnd = gsap.utils.random;
const target = document.querySelector("#target");
const w = window.innerWidth;
const h = window.innerHeight;
const dogCount = 50;

gsap.set(target, { perspective: 900 });

for (let i = 0; i < dogCount; i++) {
  let newDiv = document.createElement("div");
  newDiv.className = "dog";
  let bgPos = rnd(0, 4, 1); = -(bgPos * 100) + "px";

  gsap.set(newDiv, {
    x: rnd(0, w),
    y: rnd(-250, -200),
    z: rnd(-200, 200),
    scale: rnd(0.75, 1)
}, { duration: 3, opacity: 1, ease: "none", delay: 1 });