Live Copy

Live Copy

Do you like any of our live widget demos? With Live Copy, you can now copy & paste them directly into your website. Not only replicate our preset designs but also retain all of the widget data along as well. 

Live Copy

Like what you see on the ElementsReady live demo pages? You can now import them directly onto your site using our Live Copy function. With the Live Copy module, you can copy any preset demo & paste it into your website. And will instantly import the widgets, design elements, and contents directly onto your website.

Copy Widget

The Live Copy Module provides users the ability to copy all the widgets & customization data within a the same block.

Copy Content

With Live Copy Module you can also copy text, images, vides, etc with a single click. The module will capture the typography correctly.

Copy Section

Live Copy Module, you can copy entire sections & paste them directly on your webpage. The it will copy all the content & widget data correctly.

How Live Copy Works